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    So What Is The Green Room ?

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    So What Is The Green Room ?

    Post by Farmer Piles on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:39 pm

    Hello and welcome to The Green Room 101
    Hydroponics Forum

    "If you would just like to join without having to read below ... Click>>Here"

    So you want to know what the Green Room is all about ?...

    It's a Privet Dedicated UK Hydroponics Forum with Difference ..

    Whats different about it ?

    First of all ... It's Run By It's Members ... They decide what goes on and how things work .

    As well as the"Standard" forum set up with sections for Help guides ,Problem help Q&A ,Journals And Grow planners , Advanced Growing techniques ,Tutorials , Project Planning , Video's, E-Books ...The List is endless Smile

    It's a place for NEW and OLD growers to come together for help and advice , To Teach and learn about all aspects of Hydroponics .

    We have also set up a LIVE Members only Chat room to come together and talk about all things growing related ,Handy if you need help fast... Or just wanna talk about ... "Things !" Smile

    Live Chat Is Great if you like that kind of thing...But If you Don't ... The option is there Smile

    But here's where things get interesting ....

    How about a " Review Sections For Hydroponic Products" AND " UK Based Shops " ?.... How About Free Products ?

    I have been talking with a lot UK based Grow shops , Seedbanks and
    wholesalers that welcome this idea to set better standards for the
    Customer and the Industry and to identify what the customer wants and
    likes and DONT LIKE !


    The Idea behind it is to give members the opertunity to Read Reviews of different products Writen by "OTHER MEMBERS" of the forum ( Not the industry ) to help them decide if a product is right for them , To give them an idea of how that product works and how to use it , The Good and BAD things about it , And then Rate that product ... Also WHERE to get it CHEAP ! ...Coz we all love a Bargin !Smile

    It also gives YOU the opertunity to Write Reviews of different products To Help "OTHER MEMBERS" Do The Same Smile... More about that below Smile


    The hope is to track down The BEST product's to the CHEAPEST locations to buy it, So in effect Members get Info on the product , How it's Used , Good Points and bad points and who stocks it at the Lowest ( Best ) price ! Smile

    Lets face it , We ALL like to SAVE money and try and understand a product befor we buy ? .... So who better to tell you than the actulal end user thats experienced the product ?

    Ok by now you might be seeing how this forum is diffrent from other forums .... But it gets better ..

    A Shop Review Section and locator to help members Find local stores and Give them as much information about that store as we can , Its a fact that some shops are better than others for diffrent reasons ie , Is it Cheap ? ... are the staff friendly and helpful ...Is after sales service good or bad ... Do they keep you on hold on the phone for 45 minz while they pretend to go and look for something but realy just nip out for a fag break ? ... Do they stock most products ? ... Is the website ( if they have one ) easy to browse and find what your looking for ? ... Is the website Updated on a regular basis to show OUT OF STOCK ITEMS ? .... Is it situated nextdoor to the local Police station ? ... You may laugh at that last One ... But i know a shop that IS ! Smile

    By setting up a " Leaf Rateing System " from customer feedback from Members ... Affiliated shops them sleves Can "LOOK" at it and see where they can make changes to how they do things to make them a better shop ... It's Not rocket science , A shop with Good prices and a well run oparation that makes an effort to put customers first WILL do a lot more business than an expencive shop with staff that just turn up for the paypacket and send out your orders when they finish the fag break !

    So In effect ... shops are getting FREE customer feedback thats helping them be better ...Stocking items that people want at the right prices ...and in turn the customer is getting a better shop they will be more loyal to and more willing to do buiness with and spend money in .

    You might be asking " Do the shops even care what I think ?
    Will my opinion matter ?"... And " WHAT Do I Get Out Of This Mate ? "

    Simple Answer Is This ......

    YES ! They Care What YOU think Smile It helps them to Give A Better Service

    YES ! Your opinion Matters Smile ... They want your Business .

    And...I will tell you whats in it for you Smile

    As i said Above ,I have been talking with UK based Hydroponics shops , Seedbanks and Hydroponic wholesalers that welcome this idea to set better standards for the
    Customer and the Industry and to identify what the customer wants and
    likes and DONT LIKE !

    Your Opinion not only matters but will help to make Them efficient at what they do as well as be competative in the market.... Cheaper !

    You might be thinking " Yupp thats all well and good , But when do i see the Fruits of my most valued Opinion and start saveing cash ? "

    Saveing is just the begining ... I tend to think bigger Smile ...

    How about FREE Products for Members to test drive and give reviews on ?
    Or , Members Only Discount at Stores up and down the country ?
    Prizes,Free Tickets To Expo's,Free Beans ?

    I'm waiting on word from some large seed bank's and nutrient distributers both in the UK and Holland that i would like for us to be affiliated with that we can form an alliance with for the future .

    This forum will grow over time and is our chance to create something we can call our own ,A new platform for us to form our own little UK community and Grow Together Smile

    For me The Green Room Is a nice privet place on the interwebz for likeminded people from the UK to come together to Teach,learn & Talk about all aspects of Hydroponic "Growing"

    A community spirit geared at helping others and learning diffrent technics and other aspects of "Growing"

    A location for tips on good deals , Product reviews , Videos , Store locations ... the list is endless

    Bottom line is this ....We provide a place for you to call home and to expand your knowlage on Hydroponics , To get good deals , Honest reviews on products by the people that matter ( YOU ) The more we share the stronger we become as a community .

    So here it is ..The Green Room , A place for you to use ... you shape it ... you form it ... YOU decide what The Green Room IS !


    Farmer Piles jocolor

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