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    Have Your Say !

    Post by Farmer Piles on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:17 am

    Ok so your a member of a new forum ... A Kind Of " Founder Member " So you Get to say how your new home looks

    This place can be a thriving home for you and your friends , But maybe you would like to add something to it ?

    Maybe on the weekends your a Wasp Tamer or something ... you can tell everyone about it in the Funny Farm Section ..... But ... Maybe you want to teach others how to tame wasps .... Just Come here ...ask for a " Wasp Training " forum... and start teaching .

    You can upload images and movies that give advice ... write out tutorials ..and have a help desk of your OWN to help other members who fancy taking up a bit of wasping hehe

    Ask and ye shall recive pretty quick !* .

    Bottom line is this .... a group of people shareing all the knowlage they have about stuff they know makes the group smarter as a whole ... helping eachother to do and experience new things is a gift .

    Maybe you would like to see the layout of the site a bit diffrent ? ... Lets hear your ideas !, Open up your creative side and shape the place around you that you call "Home"

    Right now the forum is in its infant state ... pretty much everything can be changed though ... But to do it requires input from you guys Smile

    Ask... Be Patient .... It will happen !

    Well Go On Then Smile

    Farmer Piles

    *Refers to time permitting jocolor

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