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    Need Forum Mod's and Admins

    Farmer Piles
    Farmer Piles
    The Gaffer

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    Need Forum Mod's and Admins

    Post by Farmer Piles on Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:50 am

    Hi ya Smile

    As The Green Room Gets more active , I will be looking for a Mod and Admin team with forum experince .

    I'm not looking for people who just want a badge or to be a forum Police , People who care and are willing to help others and to make sure that the forum is running smooth is more the vision Smile

    All posititions are unpayed ( For now )but as things progress i can see some form of payment being implomented.

    If you think you have what it takes and have prior experience ( not really requierd as im willing to give people a chance to learn ) , Leave an application here , Tell us about you and why you think you fit the bill .

    All applications will be reviewed asap ( Be patient ..im doing 18 things at a time Smile )

    Good Luck and be creative Smile

    Farmer jocolor

    To punish a man for his desire to alter his consciousness is to punish the very thing that makes him a man.
    Green Finger

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    Re: Need Forum Mod's and Admins

    Post by seaneff on Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:13 pm

    Well I'd be happy to help although I don't really have experience being admin but I'm sure I would pick it up quickly.

    Also I haven't started any grows yet but planning to start one in the next month or so, so keep your eyes peeled for a journal as I will most definitely be starting one Very Happy

    Also forgot to mention I'm online pretty much every day.

    Application Under Review Smile

    Sean , The fact you jumped in and offered is noted AND Appriciated , As the forum gets a bit more active you WILL Be given a section (s) to manage , Your lack of experience is not an issue , we just need to find a spot that fits you ... Stay Tuned Smile

    Green Thum

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    Re: Need Forum Mod's and Admins

    Post by Airwave on Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:17 pm

    I would like to put myself forward as a candidate for Moderator.

    Why, I hear you ask? Let me tell you: I will rule this forum with an IRON FIST. I believe in the three strike rule.
    Spelling mistake - Strike 1!
    Spamming exclamation marks -Strike 2!
    Post a pic of your grow and I see an untidy room in the background - Strike 3!

    And not just any banned, IP banned!

    A vote for me is a vote against bad grammar. A vote for me is a vote for cleanliness and hygiene.

    Airwave. The mod you can believe in.

    Application Accepted .

    Ok Airwave your Hired ! . Thank's for standing up and being counted and offering to help this new forum , It's VERY appricated , Allso thanks for the laugh Smile
    Go easy with the ban hammer but know that i have got your back Smile... I will sort you out a badge later Razz

    Green Thum

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    Re: Need Forum Mod's and Admins

    Post by brock on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:35 am

    i can sell ice to eskimos and sand to the arabs, can i be your david dickinson and mod the car boot?

    Very Happy

    Application Accepted .

    Well done Brock ! , Car Boot Will be a very busy forum in the future , Keep it clean ... Tidy and fair Smile
    If you need any help with the controls just give me a shout Smile... Try not to break anything Smile

    I buy I don't supply

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    Re: Need Forum Mod's and Admins

    Post by Sponsored content

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