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    Canna Cultivation Seminar

    Farmer Piles
    Farmer Piles
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    Canna Cultivation Seminar

    Post by Farmer Piles on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:42 am

    Hi Fellas Smile

    Just wanted to let you know , It might seem that i have been AOWL for the last 2-3 days ... Not the case ... I can asure you that im very much around but just have WAY much goung on and im here in the background Smile

    So Anyways Smile

    In one of the other newsflash topics i mentioned the Canna Cultivation Seminar i have been invited to on the 19th Sept, Its supposed to be Canna telling us about new developments and techniques as well as new products they will be putting on the market in the near future , Im pretty excited about it coz it give me ( US ) a chance to talk to them face to face and learn more about the Canna Products .

    Here is an offer for anyone in the Leeds area to attend the Canna Cultivation Seminar on the 12th Sept , im trying to find out the actual location in Leeds , Tickets can be applyed for via the Canna website or just turn up at the door ( i think they charge but The Green Room Members Will have free access Smile

    As soon as i know more or have more details on where and how to get tickets i will update Smile

    Hope you guys are having fun Smile

    FP jocolor

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