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    All Is NOT What It Seems

    Farmer Piles
    Farmer Piles
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    All Is NOT What It Seems

    Post by Farmer Piles on Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:08 am

    Hi Fellas
    ( I think it's safe to say that as i don't think we have any female members yet Razz )

    I just wanted to post a quick note and mention a few thing's .

    I want to be as open and transparent as i can about what's going on in
    this forum as i see this place as a community run thing ... Your
    involvment and input in this place is more importent than mine ... I just have a
    few extra buttons to press .

    It may seem at the moment that this forum is very quiet and empty and that not a lot is going on .

    This is not the case , I'm working in the background to set up topics to flood all the sections in the near future , I have a " Store Room " that i'm filling with topics that cover most things Hydroponic .

    I'm holding off just now as im still working out how best to attract contributers to the forum .

    I posted a newsflash a couple of weeks ago ( that i later removed ) telling you that some of the ( Lets call them " Friends " ) Friends that i was meeting with feel a bit uneasy about being associated with certain types of farmer .

    They admitted that they know who the customer base is , But can't be seen to be directley involved with that kind of customer , In part i can see the logic in that , But at the same time it really did put a spanner in the works for us .

    This left me a bit rocked .... and a bit pissed off with them ..But it was short lived , Since then i have been trying to find a way's to make it work , I have a few ideas and have gone on to make contact with "Other New" Friends that are more willing to come and be a part what we are trying to do here ,It may mean some things have to change , But i'm assured it will be for the good of all ... So i'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that what i set out to do regarding getting a review section established WILL happen .

    It's just going to take a bit longer than i had planned ... So untill then ..i hope i can count on your continued support to make this forum grow like any other .

    Other Matters

    You may have recived a TGR News Letter in your e-mail a couple of days ago ? , It was just a test and i'm GLAD i did it now ! , I also recived one and nearly fell off my chair when a large RED banner appeared saying that this e-mail may be susspect ! ... I could not belive it ... A e-mail I sent ! ...and its suspect ?...

    I just want to be VERY Clear !

    I had no idea what this warning was all about ...I did some digging and found that the actual warning is ATTACHED to Newsletters by default , It seems that the warning is intended just as a safeguard ... But to be honest it i think it's a crap idea , I'm looking into how to get it removed , I may need to send a few test letters out to make sure that its sorted out , So if you recive a new one ( you can look if you like lol ) just bin it .

    I DON'T like spam ... I hate it ... I don't need Viagra ..and i have an adiquate sized penis and have no need for enlargment devices Thank you very much Smile

    So i want to asure you that i will not be spamming your e-mail every other day to tell you how great you all are , Newsletters do come in handy and will no doubt come into play at a later date when things heat up round here ... I think you can opt out in your prefrences ( I will look into how thats done and post a topic on how to ) But you might want to be made aware of a few of the things i might want to tell you about ... As ever the option is yours Smile

    New Members ... And The Top 20 ( You ! )

    Up untill now i only invited a few people to TGR as i was still in the process of setting up forums and sections , I felt a bit worried about inviting people over to an empty place as i can be a major turn off .

    Over the last couple of weeks a few of the sections have been a bit more active and the basic set up of the forum is in place , The new look was activated and im a bit more comfy about inviteing people over , Its like moving into a new house ... you want to get it looking a bit lived in and tidy befor you ask your mom to come over Razz

    You guy's are also free to invite people over if you wish , As i have pointed out , This is YOUR home to ...So don't be shy Smile , The sooner we start to fill this place the more active it will become the more topics will be made the more we learn the more we teach the smarter we become Smile

    Even if you just want to pop into Gen Chat and annoy Airwave... Just post away Smile

    We now have 20 Members ( exclude me coz i don't count ) and as such... YOU are the Top 20 founder members of TGR , This gives you the privlage of saying you was here first ...I think i need to donate a badge of honor to you so you can wave it around to future members hehe

    But that will be just one of the benifits of being a founder member ... More on that later

    I think that just about covers it for now .. As this quick note ended up being WAY longer than planned .

    If you have any thoughts , Points to make ... Things you want or don't want , I would love to hear from you ... I'm a bit like Jonny-5 from that crap 80's movie ... INPUT ...INPUT ! Razz

    On that point ..
    a vote was set up for your VALID opinions on the new look of the forum , 3 People voted ... 2 liked it ... And one don't , I would like to hear for " The One " as to what it is you don't like ...and we will work together to put it right Smile

    So anyways , For now , May your Crops be high and your thoughts higher Smile

    Peace & Good Thing's

    Farmer Piles

    Ps ... I just want to take a moment to thank you all for taking the time to be part of this forum ... With a Special Thank's to Brocky for his dedication to posting things in the wrong places Razz

    Thanks Guys !

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