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    Canna Have Your Attention

    Farmer Piles
    Farmer Piles
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    Canna Have Your Attention

    Post by Farmer Piles on Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:33 am

    See what i did there ?..... Canna ..... Can i .... Oh never mind Rolling Eyes lol

    Hi Guys Smile

    It's been a while ... wow what a week .

    Ok first of all , I'm sorry i have not been here over the last week , In short , Life has been CRAZY ! I will not bore you with details as this newsflash might turn into one of them silly " My life " Blog's you see on TWATTER ! ...Bottom line ... Not enough hours in the day ..and a list as long as my arm of " THING'S TO DO "

    But i'm back now !

    I might not appear to be here or seem inactive ...But i can asure you ... ALL of my" Spare " time is being spent trying to do something good for you guys Smile

    All day today i have been chaseing up contacts that i made on sunday at the Canna Cultivation Seminar , Phone calls ... E-mails ... Just getting peoples attention , Between doing that , I have been trying to get business cards , flyers and Fact sheets sorted out with the printers ( Seems less is more lol )

    Im just loggin in now to make a start on a bit of a Newsflash ... then with luck i will get a chance to catch up with whats been going on here over the last few days ...lol ..looking forward to seeing Brockys new gizmo .

    So ... to sum up ...I'm here ....and in the background makeing things happen Smile

    Ok Canna tell you a bit about Sunday ? Smile.. "Sorry ...I just Canna Resist the wordplay hehe "

    I really want to go into detail about the WHOLE day ... But this story takes some telling ...such a lot to say ...But i will try and give you an image of the day and as much info as i can .

    Sunday was the LONG awaited day for the Canna Cultivation Seminar In Oxfordshire .


    The whole thing lasted all day and well into the night , Signed in at around 1 pm and finished at around 9:30 PM

    Only one word to discribe it really .... Priceless !

    The whole thing was top notch from start to finish , If you get a chance ( or if i can get some tickets sorted out for you ) ... I TOTALY recomend that you try and get to one of the seminars ... It was Amazing ! .

    The Location was a bit more up market than im used to Smile ,The Four Pillers Hotel was pretty posh , They layed everything on , Of course Canna are paying for it all ... I can only imagine it cost them a small fortune Smile... Just a shame i don't drink ...or i would have been blitzed Smile

    So ..Location was sorted .. Food and drink and tables full of Canna Lighters that everyone was filling pockets with Smile

    That brings me to the other guests , Lots of cool dudes ... Clearly all very shy to begin with ... But as the day went on ...some stayed shy Smile
    They all seemed very clued up and motivated to get the best out of the day . Shop owners and co-workers as well as company reps from wholesale .

    After some light refreshments and a few pockets full of Canna lighters in the courtyard .. We was all called into the confrence rooms , The tabels all set out with Canna related info packs , pens , Seminar Guidebooks and notepads for keeping track .

    The Canna "Marketeer" Karin Brinkman gave an introduction and set the ball rolling for Pieter Klaassen BSc

    Pieter was VERY informative , He broke the whole growing process down into chunks and focused on each section in great detail , His manipulation of the english language made for some very funny moments , But make no mistake .... This guy knows his stuff !

    The breakdown of the keynotes was as follows .

    1 ,Photosynthesis :

    The Bioligy Of Plants
    Growth = Production
    Leaf Index ( LAI )
    Production Of Leaves & Flowers

    2 , Micro Organisms & Additives

    Micro Life ( Video )

    Bactiria / Acitinomycetes / Fungi / Yeast / Viruses
    Trichoderma - Mychoriza

    3 ,Function ( Of Plants )

    The Start Process ( Video )
    Root Area ( Video )

    Pieter Then went on to explain how the Canna range aid the process in great detail , Dispeling myths and showing data to back it up . He explained how the micro life can be managed to aid the growth cycle and how best to balance between positive and negative micro organisms
    He went on to explain how Substate Parasites have negative effects on overall growth by absorbing sugars , Obbstructing water transport and nutrient uptake , Killing Positive Micro life and the breakdown of substrate to upset the ballance of the growing medium .

    He covered the effects of Pythium and Fusarium and how to avoid them .

    4 , Climate Control

    Yeild & Quality
    Plant Genetics
    Plant Health
    Max Results

    Stomata Process
    Assimilation.. Root preasure > Transportation

    How to increase Transportation potential

    Positive " Stressing "
    Negative " Stressing "

    Harvest time ...." We all waited with baited breath for this part "..... But it comes down to personal prefrence and no real " Perfect " time , Its about reading your plants and watching the many signs im afraid Smile Pieter discribed it as driving a car with many steering wheels ... Yopu just have to keep the car as straight as you can by correcting the steering and keeping the ballence right .

    For you just reading this, It might not seem to detailed ... But each section was covered in massive detail ( i just don't have the time to fill in the gaps Smile )

    We stopped for breaks between the sessions for talks on how to manage Business , this section never really involved me and a lot of it i kind of allready knew , However , The Chappy giving the talks was very entertaining and clued up ... But i was there for the Science Smile

    We allso had a really nice ( 4 Star ) dinner ( Lot's of choice ) , Washed it down with some free beer and wine ( Tea for me Smile )

    At the end of the night , Canna Marketeer Karin Brinkman asked us all to fill in a short questionaire on our thoughts of the day ( ALL positive for me ) She then collected them and used them as " Raffle Tickets " for prizes ! ... Lots of cheering and clapping as the prizes wizzed out Smile

    MASSIVE Canna Bean Bag's made to look like Canna Coco and Pebble bags , Posters , Calenders ..... I WON A BEAN BAG ! cheers YAY , I donated it to the Home Hydro guys as they really deserved it and from talks we had durin the day i could sence they REALLY wanted one Smile... To be fair ... they did give me the 2010 Canna Calender ...Lot's of boobies ..so a fair trade Razz

    Karin then told us that we are all to recive a goodie bag ( I never got one Sad ) and a nice Canna Flice Jacket .... AND a Framed Certificate to acknowlage our our attendence to the Canna Cultivation Seminar ( Im pretty proud of mine ... i don't win much Smile )

    It Kind of decended into chaos at this point ... People grabbing and pushing othwers out of the way to get to the goodies ...Not the best part of the day for me really ... But i don't let it spoile the rest of it Smile

    I did however manage to Grab Two jackets , One i gave to one of the Home Hydro Guys as he was a bit upset that people had all steamed in and grabbed them all up ...The other i will be giving to a lucky member of The Green Room Yay ( More about that below )

    So to sum up , The day was fantastic from start to finish ( except for the excited mobs grabbing all the freebies ) ... IF you get a chance to attend one of the seminars ... DO IT .... I Canna Asure you it will be well worth your while Smile

    I have created a ( Networking ) friendship with Karin ... So i'm sure that we will have some tickets at some point ... So lets see Smile

    Ok ...If you made it this far .... Thank you for reading , I hope i have captured a small part of how the day went to give you the idea of how it all worked out , I will be happy to answer any questions you have , I will open a section for discusion below .

    Canna Talk

    Now it's YOUR chance to win some prizes , I have not really given this much thought (Time Retarded lol ) , But i have a load of stuff here i want to give away .

    Canna Pen's & Lighters

    A signed Copy of the 2011 Canna Calender ...Lots more boobies Razz ( Signed by Pieter Klaassen ...not me Smile ) , I'm told they are " VERY RARE " normaly , And we got the exclucive on the 2011 Version Smile

    A copy of the Seminar Keynotes booklet ( This is Priceless i can asure you ) that covers the whole seminar and is a goldmine of knowlage

    And a VERY nice GREEN Canna Fleice Jacket ( Large )

    Thing is ... i don't know how best to do it lol ... A contest ?.... Raffle ? ....Something members can participate in and bring something to the forum ?

    I dunno .... PM me with ideas Smile ... And no begging letters please ...im such a sucker Razz

    Ok Fella's ...Thats it for now , If i can think of anything to add to this i will update later .. But for now , Thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing from you Smile

    Farmer Piles jocolor

    PS ... I'm off to polish my new Certificate and Listen to some music Razz

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